Practice & Experience

Annapolis, Maryland attorney with 42 years' experience handling family law cases; contracts and other document preparation; wills and estate administration matters; non-complex personal injury matters; and other matters pertaining to the general practice of law.


Honors graduate, J.D. and LL.M.


Currently focused on uncontested divorce cases; negotiation and preparation of marital settlement agreements; preparation of wills; and representation in the administration of estates. Low hourly rate, free initial consultation, and evening telephone consultation hours.

Personal Statement: I grew up in a rough part of Kansas City, Missouri.  The kids were tough and we had more than our fair share of bullies.  That’s how I learned to stand up for myself.  And those early experiences taught me how to stand up for others. I brought that sensibility with me to Annapolis.  I look forward to representing you with the same alertness, vigor, and tenacity.

Experienced Advisor

I am a seasoned counselor and advisor.  Advice is often the most valuable service an attorney can provide.  A client’s problem can often be resolved simply based on advice from his or her attorney.  So, even if you think your problem can only be resolved by trial, it is distinctly possible that your case can be settled amicably, without undue stress or expense.

— Monica


Ability to Stay

One Step Ahead

The best way for an attorney to stay ahead is to stay updated on changes in the law.  While it is true that certain core principles in family law will never change, modifications in the law do happen.  I keep myself updated about those changes and I stay in regular contact with my clients so that they, too, will be kept informed.

— Monica

Timeliness That Serves Your Needs

I am committed to providing prompt responses to my clients’ questions.  This means that I respond to phone and email messages as quickly as possible.  It also means that I timely prepare and submit all court filings and other documents required for appropriate client representation. My clients can count on me to address their concerns as expeditiously as possible.

— Monica